Dressing for the Delhi Heat

We moved to Delhi via Norway and New York, the first famous for unpredictable summer temperatures and the latter for bone chilling air conditioning blasting from all directions. Scarce suitcase real estate was therefore taken up by sweaters  and jackets rather than more Delhi-appropriate cottons. Delicious New York food also did its bit to prevent us from fitting into the few cottons we brought. A shopping trip to GK-I was called for today to dress the slightly pot-bellied firang.

Cottons, Anokhi and Fab India were visited – happy re-acquaintances after 6 years away. Why the rest of the world doesn’t wear comfortable, colourful clothing I’ll never understand. And gold trousers. I have golden trousers now! Well, trousers with golden florets at least. May I have the strength to wear  these oh-so-comfortable flowing garments when I return to skinny jeans country!

Trousers – with gold – from Anokhi

We also made time for some furniture-window shopping. The apartment is now mentally furnished entirely from Fab India; seven heavenly levels of dark, wooden furnishing for our every need. Fabrics in every colour and hue are ready to brighten the dimmest of DDA rooms, if that’s what it comes to. Now all we need is, well, an apartment (and a sizeable wad of rupees). The first round of apartment hunting starts tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


One response to “Dressing for the Delhi Heat

  1. Thank God I was saved the ordeal of house hunting in Delhi. Hope you have fun setting up a home here and do try the flea markets – You may end up paying more than what a local would have, but the haggling over the price makes the buy seem like an accomplishment you’d cherish for a long time. At any rate you would have a great ‘Firang-in-dilli’ story!!! 🙂

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