In Delhi, at long last

I’ve moved to Delhi. Delhi, India that is. Mister and I have left our jobs (for the most part), packed our bags (ehm, dozens of boxes) and hopped on a plane to India, for no better reason than that we wanted to.

This blog is going to be about rediscovering Delhi (after 6 years away), finding and setting up a home in this maze, and about trying new things in the most general of ways. New career options (food critic? yoga teacher? professional cupcake baker? flower decorator? home maker?), new foods (new bodily experiences?), new fashions (Mister may finally get to see his intended in long flowing skirts), and new friends (hi new friends!). Our friends from afar can follow our Delhi adventures, and Delhi-bound future friends can hopefully benefit from our discoveries and impending misadventures (stay tuned for the top ten lists of Delhi do’s and don’t’s).

Happy reading!


One response to “In Delhi, at long last


    Great blog! I feel in the loop 🙂 And the pictures of the yummy food are totally unfair…”food porn”, I’m salivating here in AZ!

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