A neighbourhood tasting

Its Sunday and we’re still apartmentless. A potential candidate popped up on Friday, which we’re considering. An unsuccessful trip to a few new neighborhoods was made on Saturday, but nothing was to our liking. We’re making another trip tomorrow with a new, perhaps more upmarket, broker. This time even the white girl gets to come – I’m quite excited!

A ‘Delhi Days’ special on apartment hunting is in the making (potentially even with some interesting video footage), so stay tuned.

Chicken korma and avial at Gunpowder

The weekend has been spent mainly scouting out neighbourhoods, cafes and restaurants, trying to decide where exactly we ought to live. We’ve explored Hauz Khas Village, GK-I, GK-II, . We’ve found the best lake views in the city, discovered where to get beetroot ginger juice, and sampled Indian cupcakes (which as suspected are Indian only in their physical location). We’ve been impressed by the number and quality of quirky design boutiques – and equally impressed with their high prices. After my next visit I’ll provide more thorough reviews of each, for me to remember and hopefully for other newly arrived Delhites to make use of.

Lavender cupcake at Elma’s Bakery.

Our decisions on where in Delhi a Norwegian and Keralite New Yorker should live are still premature, so for nowwme leave you with some food porn from Gunpowder and Elma’s Bakery, both in Hauz Khas Village.


One response to “A neighbourhood tasting

  1. mmmmmmmmmmm food pr0n looks so good. good luck on the apartment search! make some videos too!

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