Our new best friends

Some of you may see the title of this post and feel a little jilted. New best friends, already? That’s a bit sudden, isn’t it?

You should be jealous, because I bet very few of you have traveled India with a working smart phone recently! Yep, this is a post about how smart phones have changed our lives – and made navigating Delhi, well, not easy, but a little less of a hassle.

Walking to Lajpat Nagar

Not sure if the auto driver is taking you in the right direction? Follow the route on your GPS and keep him on track. Wonder if you can walk to Lajpat Nagar Central Market from Amar Colony? Yes, it will take 17 minutes. Auto fare saved! 

Yummy south Indian food


And for the information you can’t live without in Delhi  (where to eat clean, tasty food and find a working bathroom), Zomato will come to your rescue. Find the ratings, reviews, and menus of any restaurant in a 2 kilometer radius from your current location. Hurray! This weekend Zomato has led us to some very tasty south Indian thalis and uttapams at Adyar Ananda Bhavan in Green Park , drinks with a view at Out of the Box in Hauz Khas Village, and to a pretty mediocre brunch at the Colony Bistro. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. 

Getting stuck in traffic is also a lot easier when our best friends in Italy, Norway, USA, Spain and Lebanon are right there, on our phones, eager to hear about our new Delhi life (pun intended). To smart phones, everyone!


One response to “Our new best friends

  1. See how smartphones are making lives easier for us? This is a great way to bypass the trainwreck of the Apple Maps app.

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