A cause for celebration

We’re apartmentful! Apartmentful is the opposite of apartmentless, right?

Our apartment, with the big bright windows

Mister and I have found our Delhi home. A bright and white two bedroom apartment on a relatively quiet street overlooking a relatively green area in GK-2 (many things are relative in Delhi, I’ll have you know). Our life stories, lifestyles and finances were approved and we got to move in this week. This of course means embarking on a whole new Delhi chapter: home making. 

Last weekend was spent scouting Amar Colony market for pieces of furniture not already in a million other Delhi homes (I’m looking at you, FabIndia). For those of you not in the know, Amar Colony furniture market is the place to go for antique, refurbished or simply copies of antique wooden furniture from all over the subcontinent. You probably won’t find your next bed here, but if you’re not careful you might walk away with half a dozen intricately painted cabinets and a handful of Buddha and/or Ganesh figurines. We managed to stay clear of all of these for now – but some are coming home with us soon, I am fairly sure.

Unfortunately less exciting purchases must be made first, because an unfurnished apartment in Delhi is unfurnished in every sense of the word. No fridge, no gas range, not even a gas connection.

Actually eating in.

We’d heard horror stories about the intricacies of getting a gas line, and our fears were confirmed today when they told us there’s a three-month wait to apply for one. But, pull some strings, or, in our case, pull up to the gas company worker on the side of the road and strike up a friendly conversation, and you might just have a same day connection. The obvious lack of gas burner and, err, cups and plates means we’ll still be eating out for some time yet though.

Furniture shipment, all the way from Noida

The home making and market trawling will continue throughout the weekend, pending a speedy Delhi belly recovery (it took three weeks, but it finally got me), so with a mattress, dining table and loveseat in place, we’re calling it quits for today. May you all enjoy ample clean, home cooked meals this weekend!



2 responses to “A cause for celebration

  1. Status report on shower and loo situation, ASAP

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