India’s power cuts explained

Although not as frequently as before, you can still rely on the occasional power cut in Delhi. They’ll usually happen just as you hit ‘send’, or in the last 5 minutes of the match.

Our resident pigeons use our electricity line for their loo

The conventional explanation is that there just isn’t enough power to go around – and the grid is outdated and cannot handle the demand from millions of AC-hungry people. I believe a lot of it can actually be explained by pigeons, oversized trees and a lack of ladders.

Delhi has no shortage of tall trees, and with so many trees around, putting up telephone poles seems like a bit of a waste, doesn’t it. This tree used to be a telephone pole. Now this car is a telephone pole. 




Someone’s getting a power line – maybe

Our corner does have poles – and cables – and cables on top of cables. The cable knots are a familiar sight for anyone who has been to India. How do they come into existence? Like this. When you dont have a ladder, just lasso your cable around some existing ones and it gets the job done. Until it doesn’t. Which is right now. And I’m sweating.




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