Mr Cyriac stuffs it

Alternative titles for this post included “Mr Cyriac stuffs things” and“Mr Cyriac stuffs his pouf”, but I felt that might draw the wrong kind of readers to the blog. But it is indeed a post about Mr Cyriac stuffing things.

As some of you may know, Mr Cyriac likes to collect and keep things. Like last year’s Christmas tree. Or nice sticks that he finds on the ground. Cardboard boxes. Wooden boxes. Stuff in general. This has not changed after moving to India.

Since receiving our shipment of stuff from Italy, Mr Cyriac has been collecting more fun stuff. While I was excited to have all our kitchen appliances and bedding, Mr Cyriac was excited about this pile of brown paper that he has carefully unwrapped and pressed. And some bubble wrap. And Styrofoam!

Today Mr Cyriac was even more pleased to find a use for some of his collectibles. They can be used to stuff things!

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While resting on the futon, I captured this fascinating series of events that I’m generously sharing with you. See Mr Cyriac carefully remove the tape and fold up this bubble wrap and stuff it in the pouf! See Mr Cyriac uncrumple and recrumple brown paper and stuff it in the pouf! See Mr Cyriac break apart Styrofoam with his head, crumple it and stuff it in the pouf! What a man.

Do stay tuned to find out what Mr Cyriac will do with his pile of uncrumpled brown paper. I, for one, can’t wait.


One response to “Mr Cyriac stuffs it

  1. boys will be boys.. atul collects stones – the more unusual the better- sticks, remnants of ceramics, peacock feathers, the discard horn of a nilgai (all of which you find strewn across JNU’s wilderness)
    Love the lil diwaan that Cy is sitting on by the way. Amar Colony old furniture market?

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