Winter’s waning (or, Winter: A re-cap)

photo (13)I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I was suffering through Delhi winters. But it doesn’t really get that cold. It’s just that it’s as cold inside as out. Which has been a little bit difficult to accept for a Nordic person (despite spending 4 winters in Rome, with equally poor ‘insulation’).



photo (11)Being a new kitten in Delhi winters is tough, which is why we built Billy a house and fed him high-fat milk, and eventually just took him in and adopted him. For dogs, it seems to be a whole different story. Street dogs in Delhi are the most spoilt of any street dogs I’ve seen. I provide you evidence: street dogs in jackets. 

photo (15)Delhi winters can also be pretty great for us humans. It means you can actually sit in the sun and enjoy, rather than avoid it like the plague like you do another 9 months of the year. That means picnics! Chai in the park! Lingering at the market! And going down south to get some sun on wintery white bodies!

photo (14)Now, winter seems to be drawing to a close – jackets are off during the day. Personally I am very much looking forward to walking barefoot on marble floors again. But I have a feeling I’ll regret wishing for warmth soon enough .. 





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