Monthly Archives: March 2013

Happy Holi! Sort of.

Wait, isn’t this a month late? That’s what I assume you’re thinking. Yep, it is, but I discovered this nifty ‘publish later’ function. So I thought it would automatically publish while I was in China. I was wrong. But better late than never, right?

I was sad to realize that I’d be missing Holi this year. Even as I work as a freelancer, work seems to coincide with most things fun. Because what’s not fun about a bunch of people throwing coloured powder and water at each other? Well, a whole lot of things actually. Powder up your nose, powder on your tongue, powder down your underwear. I’m also not a huge fan of being powdered or hosed down by complete strangers – and especially not two days before Holi even rolls around. If you’re ever in India in March do not, I repeat do no, wear anything you care about for the whole week of Holi.

IMG_1470But I managed to convince a reluctant Mister to let me play for a little bit before heading off to the People’s Republic. Even he had to admit he enjoyed it. Whether or not I accidentally carried any of these powders on my body to my meetings in China will remain a secret.  


Welcome back to Delhi!

Again, its been quiet for a while. Mister and I hopped a flight to New York for some wedding planning business. While we were in the West enjoying snow storms, spring came and went in Delhi. Blooming trees are already hemorrhaging flowers, dogs are taking refuge in cool stairwells, and our cat has shifted from the sofa to the marble floor.

photo (16)But all I want to share with you today is this. The glorious welcome we all receive when arriving at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Much has been said and written about the carpets at this airport, and rightfully so. You can’t wheel suitcases on them, which is slightly annoying when you’re at an airport. And its a CARPET. In Delhi. A dusty, dirty, did I say dusty place. It takes a special kind of genius to come up with these ideas. And did I mention that it is a particularly ugly carpet?

I can’t wait to walk on it again tonight as I board my flight to China.