Happy Holi! Sort of.

Wait, isn’t this a month late? That’s what I assume you’re thinking. Yep, it is, but I discovered this nifty ‘publish later’ function. So I thought it would automatically publish while I was in China. I was wrong. But better late than never, right?

I was sad to realize that I’d be missing Holi this year. Even as I work as a freelancer, work seems to coincide with most things fun. Because what’s not fun about a bunch of people throwing coloured powder and water at each other? Well, a whole lot of things actually. Powder up your nose, powder on your tongue, powder down your underwear. I’m also not a huge fan of being powdered or hosed down by complete strangers – and especially not two days before Holi even rolls around. If you’re ever in India in March do not, I repeat do no, wear anything you care about for the whole week of Holi.

IMG_1470But I managed to convince a reluctant Mister to let me play for a little bit before heading off to the People’s Republic. Even he had to admit he enjoyed it. Whether or not I accidentally carried any of these powders on my body to my meetings in China will remain a secret. ¬†


One response to “Happy Holi! Sort of.

  1. Hey, you guys are sweet and nice. Keep on having fun ! Baci Justine

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