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It’s Diwali, y’all

It’s been quiet on my blog for a while. “Yoging”, as Mr Cyriac calls it, has taken up most of my time – but as a result, I am now a certified yoga teacher, as can be evidenced by this photo. 

One place that’s certainly not quiet is our house. Noisy at the best of times, it’s positively loud now that Diwali is upon us. Fireworks are going off in every direction (mostly sideways along the ground), and they’re of a particularly ear splitting variety. The kind that makes you lose your bearings for a bit if you’re standing too close. And the smoke they give off blends nicely with the winter “fog” (read: smog)  to make blowing your nose at night a real pleasure. As a certified yogi, I suppose now is the time to start using that neti pot.

I don’t know if Diwali is also responsible for our neighborhood sikhs suddenly starting to start chanting down our street with drums and bells at five in the morning. I’ll admit it’s slightly more exciting than the nocturnal dog fights between our guard’s latest ‘acqusitions’, Kalu and Brownie, and anyone who dares step into their street. I still prefer sleep though.
I’m pretty sure the drum-beating monkey keeper who has recently stationed himself on our street corner has nothing to do with Diwali. He’s just annoying all year round and now he happens to be annoying us. His monkeys are pretty cute still.

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Diwali is not all bad, of course. It’s a great excuse for putting up our Christmas lights early (I believe here they’re called Diwali lights!), for admiring miles and miles of brilliantly orange marigold garlands down every street, for buying pretty flower petals, and lighting candles all over the house. And eating sweets. Diwali cupcakes? Sure, have two.

So today, on the festival of lights, may the light of love and divinity shine brightly in all of your hearts. And may no firecrackers come flying through your windows. Shanti!


Mr Cyriac stuffs it

Alternative titles for this post included “Mr Cyriac stuffs things” and“Mr Cyriac stuffs his pouf”, but I felt that might draw the wrong kind of readers to the blog. But it is indeed a post about Mr Cyriac stuffing things.

As some of you may know, Mr Cyriac likes to collect and keep things. Like last year’s Christmas tree. Or nice sticks that he finds on the ground. Cardboard boxes. Wooden boxes. Stuff in general. This has not changed after moving to India.

Since receiving our shipment of stuff from Italy, Mr Cyriac has been collecting more fun stuff. While I was excited to have all our kitchen appliances and bedding, Mr Cyriac was excited about this pile of brown paper that he has carefully unwrapped and pressed. And some bubble wrap. And Styrofoam!

Today Mr Cyriac was even more pleased to find a use for some of his collectibles. They can be used to stuff things!

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While resting on the futon, I captured this fascinating series of events that I’m generously sharing with you. See Mr Cyriac carefully remove the tape and fold up this bubble wrap and stuff it in the pouf! See Mr Cyriac uncrumple and recrumple brown paper and stuff it in the pouf! See Mr Cyriac break apart Styrofoam with his head, crumple it and stuff it in the pouf! What a man.

Do stay tuned to find out what Mr Cyriac will do with his pile of uncrumpled brown paper. I, for one, can’t wait.

Yoga, you say?

Everyone has an opinion on yoga. This is not an entirely new realization, but it’s something that’s become even more obvious over the last few weeks as I’ve been telling new friends that I’m training to be a yoga teacher.

The responses are many and varied, but I’ve heard few along the lines of “Oh that’s nice, good for you” or “That’s interesting”. Nope, the responses I get are laden with judgment – of me as a student of yoga or of people who do yoga in general. Some have been shocked that I occasionally drink alcohol and eat meat, because no true yogi would ever do that, and thus dismiss me. Others are more interested in telling me that the styles of yoga that I practice aren’t real yoga (on which I could write a series of posts). Or that I practice at the wrong time of day, or facing in the wrong direction, modern lifestyles be damned. Some have said “Excuse me, its not called yoga teacher, its called a yogi“. Then there are those that are refuse to believe that I can be sore or tired after a session, “because you don’t do anything”. The other day I got into a bit of a tiff with someone who suggested the idea of yoga training was ridiculous, as there are no safety aspects and no special skills that need to be learned (obviously, he had never taken a class in his life). “I mean, you just tell people to lay down and breathe”.

There are also those people that just want to lecture you no matter what. Where do they get it from, this idea that they need to explain to me how to do this pose and that, five minutes after I tell them that I do yoga, without ever having practiced with me? These guys haven’t been to a class in years, and yet they need give you a piece of their mind. I’m starting to think that maybe I just look really, really stupid and in dire need of help?

But the most interesting observation is that 90% of these comments are from men, from all over the world. Either men who practice regularly or men who have never taken a yoga class in their life. Why men seemingly have such a desire for lecturing young women on the “real thruths of yoga”, I have no idea. I’d be curious to hear some suggestions though, because I am sure this is part of a larger phenomena. Any thoughts?

P.S. Yoga teacher training is so far pretty awesome. And pretty useful. And pretty  darn tiring.